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+ Applications:

There are many applications outside of that uses verse. On this page you find a list of some of them. If you know of any application that uses verse that you woulds like to see listed please mail us. If you use a graphics application that doesn't support verse but you would like to see verse support for form a vendor like Autodesk, Softimage, Sidefx, Newtek, Adobe, Apple, Right Hemisphere any other vendor, Please contact them and urge them to add verse support. But while waiting for all other vendors to start supporting verse go ahead and have a look at the ones who already do:

+ Blender:

Blender is the largest Open Source 3D Application available, and has a huge set of tools for modeling, rendering, animation and much much more. The blender team has started to implement comprehensive verse support that can be found here

+ 3D Studio MAX:

The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm Sweden is developing a plug-in for 3D Studio MAX that can be found here.

+ Gimp:

Brecht van Lommel has developed this plug-in for the Open Source Image Paint and Image manipulation tool GIMP. You can find his plug-n here.

+ Purple:

Emil Brink has developed a Plug-in architecture for bringing interactivity to verse called Purple.

+ Pyverse:

An other of Brecht van Lommel great contribution are PYverse a binding for verse.

+ Uni-Verse:

In 2003 The European union awarded 1.9 million euros for a Europe wide project to develop verse and verse applications you an find them and some of the apps they have developed here.